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The most delightful Tiefling you will ever meet. Twilight has one goal, and one goal only, to be Best Buddies with anyone and everyone they meet. Abandoned by both human and Tiefling society, they spent much of their youth as a petty thief to get by and survive. This all changed when they met their master who taught them how to change the world through music and performance. One day, Twilight's hubris and greed led to their home destroyed and their Master's disappearance. They swore not to go down the path of thievery again and instead embrace the love and compassion she taught them to believe in. Twilight took their Master's Ocarina, and their own Ukeltute and decided to travel in search of her. They're truly the "light" of the group, though there have been times when they seem to be someone entirely different and much darker...


Torrin Gesh

His past may be marked with tragedy, but having found strength in his Faith and brotherhood, it is hard to tell. While all those he meets will think he is simply a violent brute, he'll be the first to tell you he's got an idea and that proves he's thinking. He started out hating in ignorance, but has learned through trials and new friends not to immediately judge those you meet...unless they're Devils or Demons. He may not be the brightest, he may not even know religion, but when it comes time He'll raise his sword and shield to protect the innocent and save his friends. If only he could stop trying to raise armies through misguided half understood breeding science conspiracies...


Virt Baddican

Virt is a somewhat awkward fellow. At a young age he discovered that those around him didn’t have much of the information that he was looking for so he decided to go off to the local repositories and find it himself. Seeing as he was not allowed to, and the repository was sealed up, he broke in under the reasoning that he was freeing the knowledge for others and himself. He found this to be an exhilarating experience and was hooked on it. It often got him into trouble, and he found himself getting asked to venture out away from the settlement one day. In short he was evicted from home for being a nuisance. Not banished exactly, but being shown the door. Virt's history is something of an elusive one. Raised by a father and step-mother, Virt was offered very little of his family heritage. He assumed this was because there was nothing of interest to tell, and had considered the matter closed. Virt discovered early on in his travels that dressing well, but not ostentatiously kept people more comfortable. Not that he was particularly interested in that, it merely got him to his goal faster. Often found in a library or vault reading, he has taken to wearing leather pants, thick traveling boots, a nice billowy cream-white shirt held in check by a lightly decorated rust colored cloth vest. This compliments his dusky brown hair and bright blue eyes. A number of elves that he’d run into commented on his eyes, but he didn’t pay it much heed as there were several from his home that had such eyes.