October 2019

Buried in Plain Sight: Chapter 5

They've found the heart. And Yang has found Potreblyat's loved ones. Both our survivors and our prisoners are quickly running out of time before innocents are killed. But Manny first has to survive the Dead Hunt as it comes bearing down on his location outside the city.


Buried in Plain Sight: Chapter 4

The Dead Hunt is just around the corner and Robyn announces the incoming competitors! But how can the group deal with it when Kevin is steadily losing his mind? Mitch tries to focus Kevin with a game of DnD, after all. the Prisoners have freed Balderdash from the Mimics and put out the fire. But Earthquakes draw them back beneath the Earth.


Buried in Plain Sight: Chapter 3

Balderdash is on fire! Twilight, Torrin and Virt have to help but Kevin doesn't seem quite right in the head. Whatever Yang has been doing to him is taking its toll. As if this weren't enough, Yang is moving forward with his plan and sowing chaos across the city.