December 2018

Hunting Wights: Chapter 2

Our favorite prisoners make themselves at home in the maze town of Balderdash as they begin their investigations into the location of the Wight. But the townspeople have another threat weighing heavily on them. And this one is much worse than a mayor who walks around with a poop bucket permanently attached to him. Will they stop the threat before it takes another life? Or will Mayor Bucket's reign of crap-filled terror overwhelm everyone? OH, and Kupit' day is coming, so that's neat too.


Hunting Wights: Chapter 1

Twilight causes a lot of trouble this time, but only because they have placed all their faith in their new best buddy Debilika. And Torrin and Virt are completely, and totally alright with it. But mysteries await our intrepid characters as they find themselves in Balderdash. Will they be able to solve Debilika's Wight problems? And what's the true story behind Balderdash's mayor? Oh, and, not for nothing, but Jemarc's cat might be a mount.